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Pubs and Breweries

If we can boast about something in this country, then it’s beer. We were once teaching how to brew it to people as far away as China. Nearly 50 breweries are established in Bohemia and Moravia every year. Taste the liquid gold directly in micro-breweries, pleasant pubs and restaurant breweries…


Putting together the Gourmet gastronomic project is quite a science. Good planning, coordination, arranging things, calling people, programming, photographing, writing … plus 102 more activities. On top of this, this year was running in an accelerated mode. One week businesses were closed by the government order, the next week we were calling evaluators to see if they could make it to South Moravia. The reason is that the evaluation takes at least 3 days.

But we don’t want to be boring telling this. Sometimes, pictures are worth a thousand words …

Gourmet Catalogue

Guide to the amazing restaurants, bistros, cafes, wineries and wine shops, pubs and breweries of South Moravia!

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Copyright Tourist Authority South Moravia

The project is based on the concept of Gourmet Brno, the author is TIC Brno.