The reason to get off the train in Kyjov

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Pubs and Breweries Kyjovský pivovar

Kyjovský pivovar

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A brewery, beer spa, restaurant and hotel all in one. They live and breathe beer here. They brew bottom-fermented Pilsner-type beer and dark Bavarian-type beers here. Everything unfiltered, unpasteurized – long live healthy yeast! There’s always something hearty to eat, like a steak. And such a tour of the brewery with beer-tasting…



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The brewery, not far from the railway station, surprises visitors with its non-traditional assortment, it is not afraid to experiment. High praise for the varied range of offerings (and greater praise still for the ten-degree Kateřina made from rye).


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Opening Hours

Mon-Thu 11:00-22:00
Fri-Sat 11:00-24:00
Sun 11:00-21:00

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třída Komenského 596
697 01 KYJOV

Tips for nearby activities

Do you have a weakness for windmills? Go to Bukovany. The local mill has a bonus adventure area. It offers a lookout tower, horseback riding, archery, minigolf, the journey of Czech rulers… Or take the draisine in Ratíškovice. A real experience for children!

Do you prefer chateaux? Then go to Milotice. In addition to guided tours, the Gothic building offers beautiful gardens, birds of prey and rental of period costumes. And do you know which landscape is one of the most photogenic in the Czech Republic? The surroundings of Kyjov. Known as the Moravian Tuscany. Enjoy the views on a bike or with your camera in your hand.

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