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Pubs and Breweries Čechův dvůr – pivovar Louka

Čechův dvůr – pivovar Louka

The poetic backdrop of a courtyard is the perfect setting for enjoying great food, cultural events and the fine products of the Louka Brewery that brews beer nearby. All beers are like living organisms, unfiltered and unpasteurised. Bottom and top fermented items like the 13% Císarpán (our Caesar) enrich seasonal specials like the 14% Dyňa (Pumpkin).


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So what is on tap? Summer Ale and 11° beer from the Louka Brewery, both excellent in their flavour. A smaller selection of draft beers is compensated by a selection of bottled specials, including top-fermented beers. Very friendly staff, family-like atmosphere.


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Louka 17

Tips for nearby activities

Do you like watch towers? Because here you will be like in a paradise. The Radošov watch tower with the shape of a wine goblet dominates the landscape planted with vineyards. You will see as far as the nearby White Carpathians. There are three other watch towers in the vicinity of Radošov that are calling for your attention. On top of this, you can explore the Oskerušova Trail close to the Travičná watch tower.

The nearby Strážnický  open-air museum will, on the other hand, show you living folklore. Through the exhibitions you will learn how people used to live in Slovácko in the past.

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