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Finally, in the Czech Republic, change has come! People are interested in what they eat. They look at the product labels when shopping, finding the origin of ingredients. And when they go out for food, they welcome concepts such as “local”, “from regional farmers”, and “seasonal”. And it’s exactly these kind of restaurants we have found for you…


Putting together a gastroproject such as our annual Gourmet is quite a science. Planning, coordinating, negotiating, phoning, programming, taking photos, writing… plus 102 other activities. But it would be boring to describe it to you. It’s better to have a look. Although you know – an image often speaks a thousand words.


Gourmet Catalogue

Guide to the amazing restaurants, bistros, cafes, wineries and wine shops, pubs and breweries of South Moravia!

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katalog ke stažení
Copyright Tourist Authority South Moravia

The project is based on the concept of Gourmet Brno, the author is TIC Brno.