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About the project

Gastro project Gourmet South Moravia

We love South Moravia. We have amazing nature, historical monuments … and food! This is why it is already for the third year that we are looking for the top places to eat and drink in the categories RESTAURANTS, BISTROS, CAFÉS AND CONFECTIONERIES, WINERIES AND WINE GALLERIES, BEER HOUSES AND BREWERIES.

So here are some extra tips for trips in the area. Our Gourmet Guide takes the best of South Moravia, so the businesses are nominated directly by the people from the region who “simply know”. But to ensure objectiveness, they are judged by independent specialists from outside the region. Take a trip with us, because when you get hungry, you have somewhere to go!

Third year of Gourmet South Moravia

If it was up to us, all the years would be like the 2019 pilot year: independent evaluators personally checked the businesses nominated. The only limit was good mood and stomach capacity.

But then came the year 2020 and the covid restrictions. We therefore postponed the conventional process of evaluating gastro-businesses and supported local gastronomy and your taste with a “window map”. Thanks to this map, you knew where takeaway windows, e-shops or food deliveries were operating.

And this year? Gourmet is back in full force! We know this year’s BEST businesses and you can head to the amazing gastronomy of South Moravia. Because you have to eat WELL all the time!

Gourmet Catalogue

Guide to the amazing restaurants, bistros, cafes, wineries and wine shops, pubs and breweries of South Moravia!

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The project is based on the concept of Gourmet Brno, the author is TIC Brno.