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We have put together a list of damn tasty places all over South Moravia. Where can you eat and drink in such a way that you won’t forget it?

We bring you a menu of 5 categories: PUBS AND BREWERIES, CAFÉS AND SWEET SHOPS, WINERIES AND WINE BARS, RESTAURANTS, and BISTROS. It was evaluated by an independent jury of people from the field and non-specialists. Each of them can appreciate great food and beverages. A Michelin chef, food bloggers, a fashion designer, and an opera singer… Go on a trip too, because when you get hungry, you have somewhere to go!


Where to go and don't go wrong?
On the map you will find all Gourmet venues from the 2019 edition to this year's.

Gourmet Catalogue

Guide to the amazing restaurants, bistros, cafes, wineries and wine shops, pubs and breweries of South Moravia!

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The project is based on the concept of Gourmet Brno, the author is TIC Brno.