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Restaurants Restaurace Víno Šílová

Restaurace Víno Šílová

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Wine and food go together like the love of life. Wine, with just the right combination of taste and bouquet, can enhance and intensify the food experience, and that is exactly what you will experience at this place. They pair dishes with wine directly in the recipes or influence them with wine and other grape products, from vinegar and jelly to raisins and wine spirit, in order to dazzle the senses.

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It had an idea, it had flavour, it was colourful, uncomplicated, detailed. The menu is simple, with only a few dishes, yet comprehensive and varied. And the nicest food styling far and wide.


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Vídeňská 5

Tips for nearby activities

Rich region not only for gourmets, but also for fans of archaeology, hiking and cycling, and for nature lovers. You will enjoy all this to the max around the three Nové Mlýny reservoirs.

Visit the chateau in Mikulov and walk through the educational trail through the Jewish Quarter. On the other hand, you will have a perfect view of Mikulov by taking the Stations of the Cross to the Holy Hill. Museum types will be sent to the Archeopark Pavlov, which is also a treat for connoisseurs of modern architecture. Or go for a walk from Mikulov to the Turold Cave.

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