Really great care for beer and a well-balanced cuisine. This is all appreciated!

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Bistros U Černého Berana

U Černého Berana

This pub with outdoor seating in a picturesque village surprises with its fine-tuned burger menu where aged beef plays a prominent role. They offer ingredients such as cheddar, lime and dill dip, wasabi mayonnaise and coleslaw. The weekly menu offers the classics of a Czech pub and exotic items from Mexico. And the drinks? They can do espresso tonic and Schnitt pours!

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The drinks menu is quite good for a village pub and the beer is amazing. The bread with roast beef was perfect. Luxurious taste with a combination of cucumber, capers, arugula...


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Opening Hours

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Zbraslavec 17

Tips for nearby activities

The Boskovice region is worth a trip for more than its culinary delights. Stroll through Boskovice‘s Jewish Quarter (the local information centre offers 3 tour routes) with an accessible major synagogue and a mikveh ritual bath. Take a walk to the Empire-style chateau and just a short distance further to the castle ruins.

To make it varied, the surroundings of the town have a completely different type of experience to offer. The western town recreates the Wild West very successfully. And for cross-country cycling enthusiasts, there is a sports park with a pump-track and trails.

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