The menu was creative, playful and perfectly balanced in flavour

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Restaurants RAF House

RAF House

Would you prefer a stylish wine bar with a self-service wine dispenser or an English pub with a museum and a Spitfire replica? Here, they take pride in the beauty of the interiors, freshness, and quality of ingredients, homemade products, and they don’t use any semi-finished products. The Royal Air Force menu includes only a few dishes, but they are perfectly crafted.

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We got a basket of homemade bread right at the beginning - a nice gesture. The fish & chips was excellent, the fish fresh, and the batter beautifully crispy. The cream parfait was a refreshing delight. And the staff? Very friendly.


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Tovární 9

Tips for nearby activities

Zastávka u Brna is an ideal stop for refreshments during trips around the region, which has not yet been appreciated by tourists. Did you know that black coal was mined just a short distance from Brno and the deepest mine in Central Europe was found here? Come and enjoy this unusual theme as a tourist!

Instead of Baroque furniture, the Oslavany chateau has an exposition of mining and energy industry in its repertoire. The chateau grounds also offer a great swim. The accessible mining tower of the Kukla mine is part of Permonium. This amusement park with a story is the largest above-ground maze in the Czech Republic.

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