Craft beers catch your attention with their original names

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Štěpán and Adam. Two guys brewing beer. And they love to experiment. That is actually the philosophy of Frankies: a variety of selection and thoroughness in preparation. If you want to taste all the specialties, order a tasting board. This chic pub has beautiful panoramic windows and that outdoor seating! The atmosphere is enchanting!


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It is evident they enjoy experimenting and trying new beer styles while also maintaining consistently great flavour.


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Jana Palacha 121

Tips for nearby activities

This area is full of chateaux and monuments. But they are scattered so cleverly that you can also enjoy the countryside. In the Lednice-Valtice area, visit the Lednice chateau, the Pohansko empire-style chateau, the temple of Apollo, the temple of Diana (Rendez-vous)… or the colonnade at Reistna above Valtice, which is an ideal starting (and final) point for the Barefoot Trail.

If you have children and they get bored, take them to the Hodonín Zoo. Local vervet monkeys, lemurs, and small Malaysian bears are extremely cute.

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