Twelve degree lager and a single hop were excellent!

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Pubs and Breweries Řemeslný minipivovar Dubňák

Řemeslný minipivovar Dubňák

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This family microbrewery in the wine region is not the underdog of beverages. They produce both bottom-fermented and top-fermented beers, such as pale lager made from four types of malt. Or will you taste some IPAs from the single hop edition? Pair this fine craft beer with delightful rustic cuisine in the pleasant countryside restaurant or outside on the terrace with classic hearty dishes.

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Traditional style and craft beers are evenly represented. When having such a variety on menu, tasting can be a bit of an adventure; however, there was nothing to reproach. Everything was excellent.


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Nádražní 7

Tips for nearby activities

Around the corner is the Milotice chateau, it would be a shame not to take advantage of it! It is called “the pearl of south-eastern Moravia” and you may know it from cinema, as the Czech comedy film The Last Aristocrat was filmed here. Head north to Kyjov, the photogenic landscape called the Moravian Tuscany, or the Bukovanský Mlýn hotel, where you will find everything from a restaurant to mini golf.

In Hodonín, walk through the pleasant zoo and Masaryk Museum (he was born in Hodonín). It is a spa town, so treat yourself to a mineral-water bath and wellness treatment in the open pavilion of the Bliss Day Spa.



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