Romantically conceived wine yard, an oasis of peace!

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Wineries and Wine Bars Válka Winery

Válka Winery

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The romantic environment of this winery is like paradise. Perfect to the last chair. Nice service, local specialties. From the vines on the slopes of the Výhon Nature Park come distinctive organic wines with hints of minerality. As the Válka family says, they create their wine as a work of art. But even the menu is an artistic achievement here!

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Surprising openness to innovation of the next generation. It's nice to see where a winery goes when the family sticks together and lets everyone stand out in what they do best.


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Opening Hours

Mon-Thu 12 – 18
Fri-Sat 10 – 20
Sun closed

September - October
Daily 10 – 20

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Kroužek 428
691 64 Nosislav

Tips for nearby activities

In Nosislav, right in the middle of the village square, there is an over 100-year-old wine press made of oak wood, typical of the local wine region. The town organizes dozens of festivities each year, we recommend the open cellars festival in September! Where else would you taste Federweisser ice cream?

It is only a short walk to the beautiful baroque smithy of Těšany. It is in the care of the Brno Technical Museum. And it is here that the muse kissed Alois Mrštík, from where he brought the inspiration to write the play Maryša! Continue on your trip to Židlochovice to the famous Akátová Rozhledna lookout tower.


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