Sonberk guarantees success and high-quality wines.

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The terrace offers a breathtaking panoramic view of the vineyard and the Pálava hills. And the local wines? Here, they subscribe exclusively to quality wines. These wines are distinctly fruity and spicy, with high minerality. This is what the sun would taste like in liquid form. Experience wines with all your senses at the Winery of the Year 2020, which has also won medals abroad.

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We appreciated the expertly compiled wine-tasting menus. Amazing location and use of the building in the countryside. Definitely an interesting excursion destination and experience!


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Sonberk 393
691 27 Popice

Tips for nearby activities

Rich region not only for gourmets, but also for fans of archaeology, hiking and cycling, and for nature lovers. You will enjoy all this to the max around the three Nové Mlýny reservoirs.

Museum types will be sent to the archaeological exposition of Dolní Věstonice or the Pavlov Archaeological Park, which is also a treat for connoisseurs of modern architecture. For nature lovers there is a trip through Pouzdřany steppe or Pálava with several castle ruins. And for more enthusiastic walkers we have the Way of St. James.

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