The Parisian salad was one of the best I have ever eaten

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Bistros Pohárek Pavlov

Pohárek Pavlov

A gorgeous (re)treat where you find a bistro, cellar and accommodation. Two worlds meet in symbiosis in this enchanting interior with wooden elements – locals and tourists, foodies and regulars. The owners’ grandmothers used to cook homemade meals. Pure quality, no frills.  For thirst, there’s Pilsner beer; specialty coffee, and a selection of Moravian wines.

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Once in few years, you come across a place that is just right. Pohárek serves precisely the dish you want in such a place. And when you taste homemade baked rolls, your eyes fill with tears and you know you are home.


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Opening Hours

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Česká 47

Tips for nearby activities

Rich region not only for gourmets, but also for fans of archaeology, hiking and cycling, and for nature lovers.

Visit the chateau in Mikulov and walk through the educational trail through the Jewish Quarter. On the other hand, you will have a perfect view of Mikulov by taking the Stations of the Cross to the Holy Hill. Museum types will be sent to the Archeopark Pavlov, which is also a treat for connoisseurs of modern architecture. Are you attracted by caves? There are not only the Punkva caves in South Moravia. The chamber cave at Turold is beautiful. And bats are here too!

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