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Wineries and Wine Bars Vinařství Škrobák

Vinařství Škrobák

This family winery gives you the perfect wine experience. Wine tastes best in the place where it was born! The vineyards are farmed organically, and the grapes are processed gently. The Škrobák family are committed to clean architecture and the flawless pairing of wine with home-made food in their bistro. Try the famous Větrníky.


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A typical family winery where love for wine and art is passed down from generation to generation. They produce top bottled wines and the Scarabeus line is simply great.


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Opening Hours

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Příhon 942
696 15 Čejkovice

Tips for nearby activities

In Čejkovice, go to the herbal paradise of Sonnentor where you can, for example, take a tour of the factory or relax in the herb garden of St. Hildegard. You can walk or bike 3 km from Čejkovice to Starý Poddvorov to a beautiful post-type windmill.

Discover the nearby micro-region of Modré Hory: the “Drunken Cellars” in Velké Pavlovice, skiing among vineyards in Němčičky, the Stezka nad Vinohrady lookout tower in Kobylí, a hill formed by 7 floors of cellars in Vrbice, and the Federal Republic of Kraví Hora in Bořetice.

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