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Wineries and Wine Bars Baraque pod Slunečnou

Baraque pod Slunečnou

Wine is a lifestyle for this family-run winery. It embodies relaxation, inspiration, a feeling of luxury and that proverbial truth. You can unwind your body and mind in the wine gallery with the view of the vineyard landscape. You will enjoy the view, speciality coffee, desserts and, of course, wine. Just a kilometre away by bike is the Slunečná lookout tower.

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A selection of classic Moravian grape varieties, as well as interesting options like orange wine or the popular frizzante. In the pleasant wine gallery with a café, you can also try a tasting set of multiple sample.


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Hodonínská 1171/12
Velké Pavlovice

Tips for nearby activities

For a small trip, the chapel Hradištěk, surrounded by vineyards.

For a larger trip, for example, a Templar fortress and a labyrinth of cellars in Čejkovice. Or drive to the fairy-tale castle of Lednice. Even if you do not take a guided tour, you can take a shorter tour of the chateau greenhouse, Janohrad (John’s Castle) or the minaret, which also offers a view of the charming surroundings. And if you’re tired, take a boat on the chateau canals and watch the kingfisher out fishing.

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