An interesting aspect is rather abundant use of resistant “PIWI“ grape varieties

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Wineries and Wine Bars Valtické podzemí

Valtické podzemí

There is also an outdoor seating but it would be a shame not to decent underground! You will enjoy the labyrinth of wine cellars which is almost a kilometre long. The cellars are spacious or more intimate, some dating back to the 13th century. Take a leisurely walk with a map or treat yourself to a tasting with some nice nibbles.

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The very friendly and cheerful staff gave advice on wine and shared stories about the cellars and individual grape varieties. Moreover, you will welcome the cool cellar during hot summer days.


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Vinařská 47

Tips for nearby activities

Travellers in the footsteps of history will be thrilled by the Lednice-Valtice area. In an area so small it could break records you will find the Valtice chateau, Lednice chateau, and small buildings such as the colonnade in Reistna, where you can comfort your feet on the circular Barefoot Trail! Lovers of fauna and flora (or picnics) will explore the endless Lednice chateau park on foot or by boat.

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