My loves, the food was terrific!

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Bistros Panelka


This kiosk by the flooded quarry serves Asian, Mexican and other delicacies instead of greasy grub.  Everything from Japanese udon noodles to Czech local beers. The combination of the functionalist retro style lido „U Libuše“ and the bistro makes for an indescribably romantic atmosphere. Here, you can enjoy to your heart’s content both meal and natural bathing.

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I was rather sceptical about Asian or other international food in this hidden corner of Moravia. The result honestly blew me away! The food was not tailored to our local taste, the food was uncompromisingly authentic.


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Luleč 310

Tips for nearby activities

Legends could be written about this fairytale county. And they have indeed been written. You might know the one about the Macocha Abyss, but have you been to the Catherine Cave? On foot from Jedovnice it is just a short walk to the beautifully zen Arboretum Křtiny (beware, it is open only on weekends).

Right next to the Olšovec pond in Jedovnice you will also find a great base for 3 trails of the Moravian Karst Singletrail! For those who need to entertain children, there is also the nature area Velká dohoda (Great Agreement). This unusual amusement park can be found in Ostrov u Macochy.

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