A delightful experience of authentic Mexican cuisine

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Bistros Fredy’s


You wouldn’t expect this in a Moravian town. Fredy and Monika serve a taste of Latin America and Mexican colours certain to make for a nice day. Before preparing delicacies from fresh ingredients, the smiling couple likes to chat about what is being prepared or about scenes from life in the Americas as they lived it. Also try their drinks, for example a Guatemalan one!

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Pleasantly rich tastes, the food plays with colours – purple, orange, lime, yellow… it's a joy! Lively place, full of guests, yet all nice. A Mexican paradise in the middle of Břeclav.


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Opening Hours

Mon-Fri 10:00-21:00
Sat-Sun closed

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Tips for nearby activities

The area is full of castles and monuments, but they are scattered around the region so cleverly that you can enjoy nature as well. In the Lednice-Valtice area, visit the Lednice chateau, the Pohansko empire-style chateau, the temple of Apollo, the temple of Diana (Rendez-vous) … or the colonnade at Reistna above Valtice, which is an ideal starting (and ending) point for the Barefoot Trail.

Are your children feeling bored on the trip? Take them to the relaxed Sedlec u Mikulova Zoo to see exotic animals. A water-lily pond, family of lemurs, fluffy porcupine … that’s beauty.

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