Brilliant espresso, I wouldn't hesitate to participate in a competition with it

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They love wood and green here. Also, they understand coffee to the last bean! They have their own roasted coffee beans after all. You’ll get a brilliant espresso, a precise filter and a delightful flat white. Seasonal specials are a bonus, with iced versions of coffee drinks in the summer, along with extraordinary flavours of lemonades and beers and perfect café food.

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Excellently prepared coffee from their own roastery and the staff's knowledge about coffee is thorough. The aesthetics and drink service is beautiful. The espresso tonic with elderberry was a nice surprise.


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Opening Hours

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Brněnská 54

Tips for nearby activities

We have something for everyone. For lovers of animals, mysteries, monuments…

Perhaps visit the fascinating feeding of the monkeys in the Hodonin Zoo. The gardens of Milotice Castle, which is literally like a fairy tale, are suitable for a stroll with a stroller. Have you already taken the boat on the famous Baťa Canal? So you’re lucky – in Hodonin there is one of the docks! And as for conservationists and Moravian patriots, we will send them to the Valy hillfort at Mikulčice.

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