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Cafés and Sweet Shops Dvorek :: café wine bistro :: Bořetice

Dvorek :: café wine bistro :: Bořetice

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Going for romance in Provence? No! The artistically designed container in the backyard of the Bořetice rectory with seating under the apple tree and in the barn is just right! Especially for lovers of fine coffee. Only the coffee comes from far away – everything else is strictly local, from the desserts to the wine, cheese, pates, and beer. True carpe diem in the Czech way.


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The flat white was masterfully prepared. There are wonderful desserts prepared by local confectioners in top quality. Everything tastes amazing, including the wine and savoury snacks, with craftsmanship and local sourcing running through the whole menu.


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Opening Hours

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Bořetice 188 (u kostela)
Bořetice u Hustopečí

Tips for nearby activities

Where to go for a trip after a good coffee? To the Hradištěk chapel in the middle of vineyards or to the lookout tower on Kraví Hora. Or to Hustopeče to a lookout tower in the middle of almond orchards. And you must also try the trail above the vineyards on Kobylí Vrch hill above the village of Kobylí. An unusual barrier-free lookout tower in the shape of an unfinished circle symbolizes the life-cycle of nature.

We will stay with the wine. We invite you to the cellar colony of Vrbice! Why? In some places cellars of up to seven floors are nestled in grassy slopes and are a bit like Tolkien’s Hobbiton.



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