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Bistros Mezi Bulky

Mezi Bulky

What comes between two slices of bread? Only the most delicious ingredients! Like organic meat from the Rudimov family farm in the White Carpathians. Vegetarians and vegans will enjoy the NeMas burger (Non-Meat Burger). From mayonnaise to pickled vegetables, they make whatever they can themselves. The burgers are topped with fries, home-made dips and milkshakes.

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Solid burgers meant to be eaten with two hands. Home-baked bread. Everything fresh. We felt very comfortable at this place!


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Opening Hours

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J.Palacha 121
(at Frenkies brewery)

Tips for nearby activities

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Are your children feeling bored on the trip? Take them to the relaxed Sedlec u Mikulova Zoo to see exotic animals. A water-lily pond, family of lemurs, fluffy porcupine … that’s beauty.

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