Wine with breathtaking views

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Wolf Tower

A Gothic tower as a place for wine tasting?! A normal thing in Znojmo. Tasting can be done on the ground floor but we recommend going up. Tasting on the tower’s gallery with a great view of the oldest parts of the city. In addition, the information centre has all you need to know about the open cellars of all winemakers and their events.

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The VOC mark determines decent quality and the visitor will definitely not leave disappointed.


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Opening Hours

Mon – Sat 10:00-18:00
Sun 10:00 – 16:00

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Kollárova 385/6
669 02 Znojmo

Tips for nearby activities

A lively county. In and around the town. In the centre of Znojmo, visit the castle next to the rotunda in the oldest part of the city. You can relax underground for a while from the summer heat. Or in the beer spa.

Outside the city you can go on various long trips through the Podyjí National Park. On the way, you could see a green lizard or a salamander. A beautiful trip is from Popice through the countryside around the Thaya river to the Šobes vineyard. And while at the Thaya, you can ride it when renting a boat in Znojmo.

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