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Restaurants Restaurace Apri

Restaurace Apri

Every dish has its wine counterpart, as they know well at the Thaya winery restaurant. Their wines taste best with excellent food. The local cuisine is based on traditional recipes but presented in a more modern way. Enjoy game from local forests, local fish… seasoned with herbs from the winery grounds.

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Wide selection of wines from their own production (you can even indulge in a tasting), excellent coffee. The risotto with mushrooms was delicate, scented with truffles and topped with slices of Parmesan drizzled with aged balsamic, which added a touch of elegance to the dish.


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Tips for nearby activities

A region where you can enjoy nature and wineries everywhere. You can go on various long trips through the Podyjí National Park. On the way, you could see a green lizard or a salamander. A beautiful trip is from Popice through the countryside around the Thaya river to the Šobes vineyard. Or to the Painted Cellar in Šatov.

For those who care about military history, we direct you to the infantry bunkers. The Šatov Garden Bunker and Zatáčka in Chvalovice look almost picturesque covered in camouflage paintings. And you can look inside.

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