The quality of the beer is excellent: the taste, the carbonation, the maintenance, the pouring, everything is just perfect

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Pubs and Breweries Slavkovský pivovar

Slavkovský pivovar

The brewery supports typical Czech beers, specializing in bottom-fermented ones. However, they also brew beers of various styles, including top-fermented, unfiltered and unpasteurized. While sitting with a dewy glass, you can observe the brewmaster’s work in the brewery, which is the heart of the restaurant. The place is cosy like home, with a glass-enclosed terrace and a summer garden.

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All beers were flawless and well-balanced in taste. Among the mixed drinks, there was also an Aperol beer. A pleasant establishment for family or friend gatherings.


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Opening Hours

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U Mlýna 1422
Slavkov u Brna

Tips for nearby activities

Explore Slavkov Castle, where the legend has it that even Napoleon himself spent a night, and its picturesque park. Proceed to the Cairn of Peace memorial, a remarkable war memorial with a message of peace. In the adjoining museum, you can uncover all there is to know about the “Battle of Three Emperors in 1805.”

Are you a fan of scenic vistas? Hike up to the Akacia Lookout Tower, offering breathtaking views over Židlochovice.

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