Desserts are grade A

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Cafés and Sweet Shops Sisters’ Café & Bistro

Sisters’ Café & Bistro

It is no coincidence when you find grains of genuine vanilla in the dessert. Two sisters craft homemade desserts and savoury sandwiches, all from the truest ingredients. Every dose of freshly roasted coffee from the Czech family roasters Coffeespot is thoroughly weighed by the girls. To good coffee everywhere in the world!

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The nicest staff! Truly a family cafe.


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Opening Hours

Tue – Sun 14.00 – 19.00

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Osvobození 258
Ostrovačice 66481

Tips for nearby activities

So what trip or nearby attraction will we recommend? It depends on your company.

You can entertain yourself and children 100% at Permonium – the amusement park with a story, in Oslavany. The whole family will enjoy Veveří Castle, to where you can drive by car, but also by steamboat on Brno lake. And as we are already in the Brno area, we will of course send the fast motorbike enthusiasts to the Brno Grand Prix!

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