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Restaurants Restaurant Valtice 1100

Restaurant Valtice 1100

Sophisticated interior, gastronomy based on fresh local ingredients. The basis is traditional cuisine with homemade pastries and original desserts. Choose from the seasonal menu or enjoy a tasting one. That pike fillet with gooseberry sauce … And what about a harmless wine tasting after a meal?

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Fresh styling from A to Z. The modern concept combines an extra rich selection of local wines with fresh gastronomy. The cuisine tends towards freshness, local ingredients, and original plating.


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Opening Hours

Mon - closed
Tue-Thu 11:30-21:00
Fri 11:30-22:00
Sat 11:00-22:00
Sun 11:00-19:00

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Břeclavská 1100
691 42 Valtice

Tips for nearby activities

A region of abundance not only for gourmets, but also for lovers of chateaux, history, and nature. The Lednice-Valtice area will thrill travellers in the footsteps of history. Valtice Chateau, Lednice Chateau, opulent buildings such as the Three Graces, etc stand in an area so small it could break records. And also, the colonnade in Reistna, where you can start on the beneficial Barefoot Trail!

In the hot summer, cool off in the Valtice underground. Do you love fauna and flora? Go on foot or on a (rented) kick scooter around the Lednice park and see the storks and kingfishers while they hunt.

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