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Pubs and Breweries Restaurant hoZpoda

Restaurant hoZpoda

Think Znojmo is only for wine? Visit hoZpoda, the daughter pub of the Znojmo City Brewery. Excellent 11°, 12°, and specials always perfectly treated. The character of the cuisine is truly that of a brewery restaurant – food cooked in beer included, local ingredients also. The industrial interior and outdoor beer garden feature top design.

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This is just a great place, pub, and restaurant in the best sense of the word. A terrace overgrown with greenery, a cosy restaurant with a prominent bar – it has a concept and it makes sense.


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Opening Hours

Sun-Mon 11:00-21:00
Tue-Sat 11:00-23:00

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U Brány 3

Tips for nearby activities

A lively county. In and around the town. In the centre of Znojmo, visit the castle, the rotunda, and the wine enoteca, all in one area! You can relax perfectly from the summer heat in the magnificent medieval underground.

Around the town, go on a trip through the Podyjí National Park, which is full of rare fauna, from salamanders to green lizards. Speaking of the Thaya River, rent a boat at the Stará Vodárna Znojmo Boating Centre, and set sail – it’s great! Or walk from Hnanice towards the painted cellar in Šatov (oh yes, there is a risk of wine-tasting along the way).



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