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Restaurants Restaurant & Hotel U Kašny

Restaurant & Hotel U Kašny

Chef and owner in one person. And he certainly cares about the fresh ingredients and food preparation. That’s why it is possible to see the kitchen and directly into the pans from the restaurant. Fans of both steaks and light meals can enjoy it. The Mediterranean menu is impressive. And the atmosphere? Here you can experience true Moravian hospitality.

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Perfectly mastered Mediterranean cuisine, fresh and varied vegetables, superbly flavoured soup and a pancake with plum jam and poppy seeds to finish!


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Opening Hours

Wed - Sat 11:00 - 22:00
Sun 11:00 - 17:00

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Městečko 54
664 61 Rajhrad

Tips for nearby activities

Rajhrad is a stone’s throw from Brno. But when you’re here, don’t go to the Moravian metropolis. Head to the local Benedictine monastery. It is impressive in itself, and it is also the home of the memorial of literature. Books aren’t boring here! Plus, they continuously organize beautiful exhibitions. Outside Brno, yet within reach, is Veveří Castle. Children will enjoy running along the beautiful backdrop of the castle, and you will enjoy wine tasting in the castle wine cellar. And because Veveří is right next to the dam, you can board a steamer.

For those who wanted to go to Brno because of Villa Tugendhat, and didn’t because of the bustle of visitors there, we have a tip. A little further away (this time really a stone’s throw) is Villa Löw-Beer!

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