The quality of food and service is very pleasant

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Restaurants Picérka Restaurant & Pizza

Picérka Restaurant & Pizza

One might not expect such an establishment on the main square in Jaroslavice. During the summer the menu is styled to match, while in winter the ingredients will keep you warm. Don’t be fooled by the word picérka (pizzeria) in the name, as this family restaurant serves (almost) everything. They are not afraid of edible flowers for fine-tuning, and that caramelized onion…

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Drinks well chilled and in original glasses, all food nicely presented, staff nice and helpful, a pleasant mix of local beer drinkers and foreign and Czech tourists.


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Opening Hours

Mon-Wed closed
Thu-Fri 17:00-22:00
Sat 11:30-22:00
Sun 11:30-20:00

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Náměstí 103
671 28 Jaroslavice

Tips for nearby activities

Experts consider the Jaroslavice chateau to be one of most precious sites in the Czech Republic. Unfortunately, it is also listed among the most endangered monuments in the country. Stroll through the extensive arcaded courtyard and discover the sets from Czech films like Black Barons or Troška’s Andělská Tvář. Taste the wine in Jaroslavice directly from winemakers in the picturesque cellar lane.

The nearby water mill in Slup will delight you. The Technical Museum in Brno won first place in the Gloria Musaealis competition for the local exhibition Development of Milling Industry.



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