Classic food truck, great job!

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Bistros Cutters Foodtruck

Cutters Foodtruck

Further from the centre of Znojmo, but you won’t regret a single step. This renowned street food comes up with something new every week and never steps aside. Even connoisseurs from Brno go for a crispy bun with perfectly seasoned shredded meat. Tacos with shredded beef, beef teriyaki sandwich … we bet our shoes that you can’t resist.

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Despite the line of excited customers, everything went like clockwork. Personal approach and attractive offerings from burrito to excellent teriyaki. It's just that you don't become a vegetarian here, it's all about meat!


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Opening Hours

Tue-Sat 12:00-18:00
Sun-Mon closed

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Ulice Dobšická

Tips for nearby activities

The region where it lives. In and around the town. In the centre of Znojmo, visit the castle, the rotunda, and the magnificent church of St. Nicholas, all in one area. You can escape the summer heat in the magnificent medieval underground.

Around the town, go on a trip through the Podyjí National Park, which is full of rare fauna, from salamanders to green lizards. Speaking of the Thaya River, rent a boat at the Stará Vodárna Znojmo Boating Centre, and set sail – it’s great! Or walk from Hnanice towards the painted cellar in Šatov (oh yes, there is a risk of wine-tasting along the way).

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