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Restaurants Chateau Petit

Chateau Petit

This stylish à la carte restaurant is set among the extensive grounds of the Chateau de Frontiere, with a perfect view of the Hraniční chateau. The cosy interior and the garden are the perfect backdrop for the “taste Olympus” that visitors will experience. You can look forward to meat and fish of all kinds and much more besides, and their profiteroles will win your heart.

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Imaginative, technically perfect dishes. Foie gras torchon fantastic, excellent combination with sweet and sour rhubarb and quince. The interior is beautiful with a moss wall as a prominent feature.


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Tips for nearby activities

The Lednice-Valtice area will thrill travelers in the footsteps of history. Valtice Chateau, Lednice Chateau, opulent buildings such as the Three Graces, the Colonnade at Rajstna etc. stand in an area so small it could break records. Cool down in the Valtice underground in the summer. Those who love fauna and flora can walk or go on a rented scooter around the large Lednice park and check out storks or kingfishers during the hunt. And you can entertain the kids at the Hippoclub Lednice.

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