We love mushroom dill soup “kulajda” and this one was really excellent!

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Restaurants Amande


The elegant interior invites you for a fine culinary experience. When putting together the menu, the team looked around them to choose ingredients typical of the region and the season. You can thus taste fresh fish from Pohořelice or cheese from a farm just below Pálava. Great wines are supplied by South Moravian winemakers.

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The meals were excellent. The veal schnitzel with Viennese salad was juicy and well-seasoned. The local fresh fish was well-prepared. The elderflower lemonade was delicious; and I like the selection of local juices and ciders.


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Husova 8

Tips for nearby activities

Don’t miss the observation tower surrounded by the almond orchards just above Hustopeče.

For a larger trip try, for example, a Templar fortress and a labyrinth of cellars in Čejkovice. Or drive to the fairy-tale castle of Lednice. Even if you do not take a guided tour, you can take a shorter tour of the chateau greenhouse, Janohrad (John’s Castle) or the minaret, which also offers a view of the charming surroundings. And if you’re tired, take a boat on the chateau canals and watch the kingfisher out fishing.

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